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dog hiding in bed with owner

How to Help Your Anxious, Scared Pet on July 4th

Loud noises are a common cause of anxiety in pets.[1] Your pet may exhibit a range of anxiety symptoms, including whining or whimpering, withdrawing, shivering, loss of appetite, inappropriate elimination of waste, and destruction of items in your home. This is troublesome for you and harrowing for your pet. Fortunately, there are ways you can help calm your pet in the days leading up to July 4th and during the firework festivities.

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How to Handle Unsolicited Advice About Your Pet

As of 2020, about 67% of American households include a family pet.[1] Including a pet in your household has many benefits, including lower blood pressure, less stress, decreased triglyceride levels, decreased feelings of loneliness, more opportunities for socialization, and increased exercise and leisure time opportunities.[2] Whether you're out and about with your pet or sharing a cute photo of your furry friend on your social media accounts, chances are good that you'll end up receiving some unsolicited advice. While the people giving you this unwanted advice probably mean well, listening to it could result in harm to your pet. Keep reading for some tips on how to handle excessive amounts of unsolicited advice from other pet owners.

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